Chillin' by the river

Sunday, the weather was overcast, but the everyone had tons of fun.  There is just so much to do at camp.  The highlight was when a sweet baby arrived to visit us.  I added her in the extra photo!  She is just plain adorable, and she had MANY admirers. Too bad it was chilly in the water, so Sugar didn't even get in past her knees.  

I got lots of reading done, and enjoyed the quiet time.  The kids split off into the 3 older girls....and the 3 younger girls.  It works out okay...but some hurt feelings can happen.  I'm hoping it doesn't cause drama for the week.  

We stayed up late....and enjoyed the campfire and s'mores (well, those that aren't avoiding sugar and wheat).  Nothing like a fun game of "I'm going camping, and I will bring....." around the fire.  It got silly and fun.  It was a good exercise for this old memory of mine.  

PS....backblipping, as we have been away for 7 days.

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