Lots of Nature

Monday was an overcast day at camp.  The girls spent a lot of time with nature.  In fact, in the morning, the 3 younger girls (Sugar's group) disappeared for several hours.  They had found the perfect spot for a secret fort.  She were super excited to show it to me when I went looking for them.  It was only to be a secret from the older girls.  

In the early afternoon, several of us went down to the river to fish or swim (or read, if you are me), but man oh man...it was cold, cold, cold.  So windy.  So It was back to the field and off to the fort for the kiddos.  Sugar was having a bit of a time with her cousin, so she needed a little break.  We went on a walk, and found a "peace tree".  This was the spot she chose to go to when she needed to regroup.  I love it.  So green, and peaceful.  

Then the older girls had me back down at the river to take some photos of their water antics.  So many giggles.  I was glad to capture it.  

After dinner we had a show.  Sugar and her two cousins had been working on a narrated dance to an old country song by the Dixie Chicks.  It had us all smiling and laughing.  Love those girls.  It was another fun filled day at camp that ended by the fire.  

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