Look what the wind's blown in ...

Butterflies at last
though the wind blows them sideways
they fly in warm air

When I stepped into the garden today, the first thing I saw on the buddleia was a hummingbird hawkmoth. Too high and fast to capture, but good to see. Then along came the cabbage white and a red admiral.

Went for a walk along the local lanes and grabbed a better image of another red admiral and a gatekeeper AKA hedge brown. So put together this little collage to represent the day the butterflies finally arrived.

Thanks for all the kind words and stars for my chessmen yesterday. It was fun giving them an outing when the weather turned, but good that we've sunshine (of a weakish, cloudy kind) again today.

Today it's 11 years since my father died. He'd have enjoyed these butterflies, so I dedicate them to his memory.

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