The next project

My Father in Laws old chair, which he spent a good deal of his time in the few months before he passed away in 2006. It needs some TLC, the green leather on the seat is cracking, the wood needs rubbing down staining and waxing and we (Royal 'We', I mean Marlane of course) is going to recover probably with a dark blue material.

I've made a start today by removing the round topped tacks that held the upper green leather in place and glued and clamped the left arm where it fits into the back of the chair.

I'm looking forward to this being finished, it's a nice chair and a very personal reminder of 'Ziggy', my old Father in Law and best friend. I knew him long before I met Marlane as we worked at RAF Boddington together in 1971/72 and 1974. We also served at RAF Gan, Maldives, after the wedding!
Extra is me in Gan at work on 'Flight Watch' taking care of incoming aircraft before handing over to ATC.

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