Life Afloat

Driving eastwards along the A259 after dropping off Mrs Catspaw for a Study Day in Lancing, my eye was caught by a collection of houseboats across the shining mud of a creek beside at the far western end of Shoreham Harbour. So I parked the car just before Norfolk Bridge, and walked back to investigate...

The view that first caught my eye can be seen as one of today's 'Extras'. My main Blip of the Day is of a houseboat part way along the creek that singularly fails to contain all of its owner's belongings (having recently moved to a much smaller house than our former home in Aberdeenshire, I have a great deal of sympathy for this kind of situation).

Today's other 'Extra' is of a Mallow colonising the pebble beach close to the Lighthouse and the Lifeboat Station opposite the entrance to Shoreham Harbour, a couple of miles to the east.  

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