Aira Force

Hopefully my eldest ( See here )will be blipping his take on Aira Force, when he remembers his blip logon details; so stay tuned!

But for now here's a long exposure that he helped me tweak in lightroom.

Removing the saturation is a given for me, but we tweaked a few other bits and bobs, so I could show him what happens when you remove change the highlights, shadows. clarity etc. So as a result this is probably over processed!

Ho hum.

We had a great day yesterday, and finished off in the hotel bar reading Harry Potter.
Started today with about 45 minutes in the pool, before breakfast. Ate a little bit too much, so lunch for me consisted of a sausage roll and a blast to the past with a can of Dandelion and Burdock ( delicious ).

Hopefully tomorrow will be a slighter better sized breakfast from my point of view, then off down to side farm, and around Ullswater to Howtown, with a steamer back to Glenridding.

Would love to spend some tourist pounds in "The Glenridding'; but they are still dealing with the aftermath of the awful flooding created by Storm Desmond at the start of December.

Reading about it, and (I think) 34cm of rain fell in 24 hours, (that's almost 14 inchs to our American cousins), and as a result 250,000 tons of rock where washed down from the slopes of the Helvellyn range above Glenridding.

There is still a massive pile of rocks, silt, and rubble that they are sifting through down by the lake.

Hopefully by the time the next big downpour hits, the Environment Agency has finally pulled their finger out of where it shouldn't be and done something to slow the water down before it gets into the lake.

Not been to Pooley Bridge yet; but will inspect the damage done there on Thursday.

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