C's first proper day in the Lakes

It was just the two of us today, so after our (my) big breakfast, we were heading off at around 9.20 towards Side Farm, and on to Howtown.

He was amazing. Dawdled a bit, wanted to bring quite a few 'nice' rocks back with him (in the rucksack I was carrying), but on the whole was very content to be plodding along.

Managed just over 7 miles (Patterdale to Howtown), then added another 3 on our journey back from Glenridding pier to Patterdale (via the Travellers rest for a pretty rank lunch :( ).

So a grand total of 10 miles walking for an 8 year old is bloody good going.

We tried to see the stars on the evening, but by 10pm it was still not dark enough; and with oncoming clouds so we retreated to bed.

I'm not 100% sure what bit of the Helvellyn range this is, but it was looking back from Ullswater (about half way round to Howtown), so I think it could be Nethermost Pike (feel free to correct me).

Also, feel free to pop round to C's blip (here)  and say congrats on his big walk. He'll be chuffed I'm sure.

Added 2 extra's. The colour one is of him taking a selfie (bless him), whilst the B&W one is Catsycam (and a glimpse of Swirral edge) from onboard the steamer heading back to Glenridding.

Oh, and if you go Large (computer monitor needed I guess) on the B&W you can play count the hikers on the top of Helvellyn

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