Learning day by day

By EmmaF

National Trust

After years of humming and harring we finally took the plunge and bought NT membership. So today we headed to Belton House to meet friends and try out our membership.

It was raining when we left Hitchin, but when we arrived it was sunny and that's the way it stayed. Both kids are still struggling with tiredness so there were a few niggles, but generally they were good. Will in particular was very engaged with the tour we did.

We found the maze having done the 'I spy' trail, it wasn't particularly inspiring. We had a lovely lunch and the did the tour. Tour done we let the kids run free on the adventure playground where they got suitably filthy.

We left around five, having had a lovely day. It was great to catch up and we are looking forward to making the most of our membership in the coming year.

(I will be back blipping at some point in the next few days. I have photos, I just need the time and brain space to write them up.)

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