Learning day by day

By EmmaF

The Bolshoi (part one)

Today Carys got to cash in one of her birthday presents. Uncle James and Aunty Vic had given her a ticket to see the Bolshoi dance Don Quixote at the Royal Opera House. Boy was she excited.

Firstly though we hunted some BFGDreamJars and found about ten, having walked miles. We stopped for coffee and then had tea in Pizza Express. We then did a 'superman' in the toilets of Pizza Express and came out in our finery, Opera House ready!

At the Opera House we were in the slips, but C had two booster seats and leaning forward had a reasonable view. She loved every minute and at times her chin hit her chest at the ability of the dancers. Although really very tired, she was still talking about it on the walk home (we walked home from Hitchin Station, as there was only one taxi on the rank and loads of people in front of us. I say walk, I walked she danced home.).

Fabulous day. So excited now to see Swan Lake on August 8th!

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