Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Le Mans, Cité Plantagenet

We knew the weather was going to be iffy today but (fingers crossed) better tomorrow. So despite the fact it should have been a home-based day we decided to venture out. We headed to Le Mans, where we explored the Medieval City in the drizzle. It was beautiful and I would like to see it at night when it is lit up. We wandered round the Cathedral where, I found out, Geoffrey of Anjou is buried. The kids thought it was huge and the height of it is impressive.

We headed home is steady rain and got Will into bed early, (he seriously needed to catch up on some sleep, hoping it doesn't back fire with an early morning) and Carys into bed at what we thought was a reasonable time, only to realise that with the hour on in France, Will was in bed and asleep by 17.30 UK time and Carys was in bed just after 18.00 UK time! That said Carys is still awake now at 19.05 UK time so she hasn't really had an early night.

Hoping for sun tomorrow.

Jim has reminded me that when we were walking through a shopping centre, Carys looked into a shop window, her eyes became saucers and one word escaped her lips "Shooooes!" It must be genetic in the double X chromosome thing somewhere, because it isn't something she was taught.

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