Learning day by day

By EmmaF

York Minster

Carys and I went to York for the day to meet my friend Kate who lives in Leeds. We arrived at 09.30 and the sun was already out. We wandered the walls to the Minster, walked round the Minster and down the Shambles and the stop to 'rest' in a coffee shop due to Carys needing a toilet break.

We then met Kate back by the Minster, headed back down the Shambles and went to Cliffords Tower, however hunger got the better of Carys and I before we got to the front of the queue so we abandoned that idea and headed for lunch.

After enough pizza to fill Carys (which is quite a lot of pizza) we headed to Jorvik and amazingly there was no queue. We headed in and Carys really seemed to love using the map to identify different bits under our feet. She wasn't so sure when we first got on the ride, being a bit scared, but soon was enjoying that. Once we were off she listened intently to the Viking women explaining what various objects were. She looked at the skeletons too and discussed with Kate what the various bones were and which bits were missing.

Outside Carys made and decorated a clay bowl which we then had to carry around while it dried! Kate left to beat the traffic and we headed to Micklegate Bar to see the Henry VII experience. We only had 35mins in there but it was good, mind Carys did comment that her head would explode with all this learning. From there we went to The Barley Hall which was excellent, although the Horrible Histories bit freaked Carys out completely. She did however ask some very sensible questions to a lady in the Great Hall and the very enthusiastic lady gave her lots more information to absorb.

18.30 train home and we were walking in the door by 20.35. A very enjoyable day. I must try it with William but taking in the Railway museum too.

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