Learning day by day

By EmmaF


Rain cleared overnight. After breakfast Carys and I set out to explore one of the local bike routes while Jim walked and Will cycled into Precigne for daily necessities.

Our ride was 11miles mostly off road. Not all that tricky but off road enough to realise that my girl prefers smooth roads, just like her mother! But it did strengthen her legs and enable me to get this lovely sunflower.

After lunch the kids played in the garden and I headed off for my bike ride. Not too far as I am aware of not being particularly fit and don't want to kill myself, but it was nice to be out on the tarmac on Ruby scooting along at a fair pace.

When I got back the kids were heading for the pool. I got ready to join them, but it was a little too cool for me today. Hopefully it will get warmer now the sun is shining.

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