Learning day by day

By EmmaF


Slight emergency blip, it was taken to recommend a series of books to another blipper who's girls are avid readers. However it does reflect the day. After a very late night, a very lazy morning. C finished this book and then the three of us walked to the library to pick up some more reserved books and for C to collect some more of her reading challenge cards (W has finished his). We then relaxed with books over coffee (for me) 'cinos and fruit toast for small people.

Back home there were a few niggles, then W played outside while C wrote up yesterday's experience for part of her summer homework.

Will went to bed early and well. C had a chapter of her book, then had her Lush marshmallow thing in her bath while she read more of her book. The upstairs of the house smelt really nice. She went to bed easily as well, not really a surprise after a post midnight bed this morning!

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