By Purko


Still no orienteering, so we have to find some way of passing our time. I wanted to either go up another mountain, or go mountain biking, however as we were going to be travelling in pairs to ensure safety from bears, I had to go with RickyP. Since he's more happy on foot than on wheels, we opted for the mountain.
Mount Lady Macdonald, named after Susan Agnes Macdonald in 1886, the wife of the first prime minister of Canada. The summit is at 2606m, with an elevation gain of about 1200m from the carpark. There were two geocaches on route, however my phone was playing up, so we signed this, which we thought was a geocache... but might have just been a summit log. The position of the geocache is apparently nowhere near the summit.

To get to the summit, one must complete a 200m scramble along a very exposed knife edge ridge, see extra

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