Jaunt to the capital today, not to see any sporting event, it should be admitted (although it sounds like we missed some corkers) but to see War Horse at the theatre. A play which, if the house at the matinee was anything to go by, didn't seem to be troubled by the low ticket sales that other theatres have been afflicted by.

For the play itself? Stunning puppetry and production design papered over an otherwise by-the-numbers story which got lost up a few cul-de-sacs before hitting home with a big sentimental flourish. You can see why Spielberg would snap up the rights, but without the puppets and the genuinely exhilarating theatre of it all, I'm not really sure what's left is worth it. As a play, it's heartily recommended, though.

Dropped by Nelson on the way back to check out his new hat collection. Natty.

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