We went for a walk around Oversley Wood this morning, and there were butterflies and bees out in abundance. We often spot deer in there too, but there were none to be seen today. 
I'm sure someone who knows butterflies much better than I do will be able to correct me if I'm wrong - or verify my ID from the "Guide to the Butterflies of Britain" laminated sheet. It could be a Meadow Brown but that appears to have only one white spot inside the black spot on its wings.It was lovely to get out in the fresh air.
I've just heard from one of my cousins in Australia that another cousin is very poorly after having had a major stomach op because of her cancer (of the appendix, which I'd never heard of) , then a stroke, and then a tracheotomy as she couldn't breathe. She is a lovely, lovely lady, who looked after us admirably when we stayed with her and her husband for a few days when we visited our Ozzie relatives. I do hope she pulls through. 

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