Here's lookin' at you kid

This morning I had coffee with a previous colleague of mine - it was nice to see her and have a catch-up. When I returned we had loads to do in the house, so we got on with that until about 4 pm when I'd had enough.
We have annual tickets for all the Shakespeare properties, and Mary Arden's Farm is only about 5 minutes away so we popped up there to see if there was anything going on. They were just preparing a temporary stage for a live outdoor performance this evening of Romeo and Juliet at 7:30  (it's pouring with rain now - 8:15pm, what a shame, they will all be soaked through) so there were no raptors being flown. This little barn owl was watching our every move, so I thought he deserved a photo.
The birds of prey are delivered there by van every morning at about 8:15 am and I often see them on the handler's arm if I go that way to work. 

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