By witchcreations


Today was another tale of sunshine and showers... moments of domestic bliss, such as painting with little un... 

We had loads of fun with stencils and sponges, that she was given as birthday presents... having been a little reluctant/uncomprehending of craft activities previously, I'm so chuffed that she's really getting into it now... she's enjoying the experience of getting covered with paint, and also seeing that the marks she makes actually form pictures and shapes....  I've now got various places around the house to display her work, and I'm starting a scrapbook for her, so that she can keep pictures,  I really like the pride she shows when she sees her creations displayed... I love it when I can help people to enjoy 'doing art' :-)

In balance... all this joy and loveliness was followed by the pair of us bellowing and screeching  at each other about suncream. (Last night wasn't a good night for sleep, so today I've been short fused and a bad parent, and little un has been particularly cranky and illogical, especially over the usual flashpoints: getting dressed, putting on suncream, opening doors, lids to anything, getting into car seats,  getting out of car seats, sitting on chairs,  wearing shoes, washing her face... I could go on, but I won't bore you all)   

However after an argumentative lunchtime interlude, we  then went out for a nice cuppa/play/walk  with 'Granny Annie" and then this evening (after failing to eat the dinner I prepared... arrrrghhhhh!) she was doing some brilliant imaginative play with Dave before bedtime... 

So much to be proud of, so much to despair in... this is the universal truth of living with a threenanger 

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