creative lenna

By creativelenna


I love the reflections I might get when I take a photo of the river/canal in front of our dock. The raindrops were an added bonus! 

* Update on the porch renovation and why you have not seen any more photos yet . . . After the old lanai was completely torn down our contractor came back to check the cement pad that was left underneath . . . I will add a photo to the extras. His plans for the rebuild included cement blocks with steel supports on top of this existing pad to support the floor he would build. We did not really know what was under the existing lanai until it was torn down because it was an unpermitted job with no town records! Fred used his drill and found that the cement pad you see had been properly done after all - he hit steel with his drill about 12" down !  

This was a good problem he said, except for the fact that he had to re-work his plans and resubmit them to the town for approval. Everything has to  match up & his plans had to reflect that there was already proper support, instead of him having to build it in as he thought he might. The best news is that has been taken care of now & they resume work next week - yay! 

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