Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Secret nook

This is a little spot in our garden I want to somehow make more accessible, but keep hidden. That'll take some doing. When I had a look this morning I was struck by the dappled light on the fallen petals, and went for the camera. I used the 16-45 then, but returned later with the plastic fantastic.

Secretr; Flickr.


Mahoosive day, actually: a run very early, bought some hanging planters and coloured growing-things, did some planting, pulled down/out the wattle that got blown 90% down by the recent wind, trained, and recorded video for Kancho, and for my nephews (their next kata), relaxed (ha! "relaxed"...) with Donkey Kong Country; Tropical Freeze on the Wii U (nightmare) then a takeaways and movie (The Incredibles) night. Legs are feeling tired; must take some magnesium tomorrow.

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