Wind farm

It was a wonderfully clear day today and the view from Helsby Hill was excellent although the new wind farm on Frodsham Marshes has appeared since my last visit which was only in April.

It is worth looking at a larger view of this picture as there is plenty to see. In the foreground is the M56 followed by tank number 6 and the new wind farm on Frodsham Marshes. Behind that you can see the line of the River Weaver and the Ineos Chemical plant that I blipped on January 19th 2016 and September 14th 2015.

The white blob on the left of the picture, just below the line of the horizon, is the top of the Runcorn-Widnes bridge which I have featured on numerous occasions. If you follow the dark line of the hill you will see a couple of large yellow cranes which is where they are building the new Mersey Crossing, again something I have blipped a few times.

The prominent chimneys are Fiddler's Ferry power station and directly above you can see the masts on Winter Hill.


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