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By PappaG

Tanker Abbey

Morning all,

Nightshift done but very short day off....back up tomorrow 4.30am....this is the price we pay for holidays unfortunately......holidays are great, payback is the exact opposite lol ;0)

This is our first Tanker coming up the river to HP2......been a while, today is a huge test, hopefully everything we have done has prepared it all and all goes smoothly...if not...I'll be on clean up tomorrow lol ;0)

This is the 'Katja'...a regular of ours so a good tanker to bring in and start things off. Here its passing Inchcolm Island and the Abbey is in the foreground. On beautiful days, like today, its a great trip on the boat out to the Abbey and to walk around the island......not recommended in adverse weather conditions.....unless you enjoy that sort of thing me !!!! ;0)

Inchcolm (from the Scottish Gaelic "Innis Choluim", meaning Columba's Island) is an island in the Firth of Forth. It was supposedly visited by St Columba (an Irish missionary monk) in 567, and was named after him in the 12th century. It may have served the monks of the Columban family as an "Iona of the east" from early times. to enjoy my few hours of freedom......I'm on the cupcake run .....!!! Honestly.....wasn't my idea .....but damn its a good one !!!! ;0)

Have a great day ;0)

TTFN ;0)

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