Queen Victoria Market -Melbourne

Or the adventures of a jetlagged and mobility challenged tourist photographer ;-)
Weather forecast was predicting some showers, having tried out the tram and the travel card yesterday I decided to go into town and visit the famous Queen Victoria Market. Only a short walk needed to get to the tram stop, but it did mean walking up a bridge and somehow my socks kept falling down too. Walking up and down ramps, let alone stairs is still rather awkward. Anyway, I hobbled to the tram stop and got to the Market only to realise that it looked rather quiet, to say the least. Walked all around it and it was definitely not in business. So took some pictures of surroundings and part of the buildings, got back on the tram, took off my socks mid-journey, got off the tram, took some pictures of the Soutbank buildings from the Flinders Station side of the river, did some grocery shopping for lunch, had lunch, thought I'd better do my rehab exercise on the bed and fell asleep ! Until 6 pm !! I guess I needed it. Hope I'll have better luck tomorrow (the market is closed on Wednesdays, discerning tourists should do their homework beforehand!)

Thanks so much for your comments and stars for yesterday's lunapark Blip !

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