When buildings become abstracts

For the theme-free Abstract Thursday, with thanks to Robert/youoregon1 for the abstract fun of Thursdays.
I did manage to see Queen Victoria Market this morning and it was quite a sight with the freshest of fresh vegetables, fish and meat and the specialty stalls were something else too. Didn't take much pictures, many of the stall holders were Asian and I wasn't sure they'd like me to take their pictures. Taking the tram back I saw this building, what a marvel of modern architecture ! Then in the afternoon I took the hop-on hop-off bus to tour the city and was really amazed by so many modern high rise buildings with colourful decorations. It's an abstract paradise !
However, Melbourne has a great solution for downtown traffic by providing free trams within the city centre plus reasonable fares for public transport outside the centre. It does mean there are tram powerlines everywhere, which is a bit of a photographer's nightmare.
See another example of abstract graphic design on a building plus a whole lot of tram powerlines in the extras.

Thanks so much for your comments and stars for my Melbourne Blips, you're all so kind.

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