Evening rainbow

We visited Ladram Bay this evening with the intention of taking some photos.  The weather was forecast as being good but when we arrived it was cloudy and even a little rainy.  The tide was in and therefore only a little of the beach was showing.  We wandered along the top of the cliffs but there were not many good views of the sandstone stacks as the vegetation had grown very high.  So it was back to the beach where we took a few long exposure shots.  Just as we packed up the sun broke through highlighting the tops of the cliffs and it started to lightly rain. We spotted a rainbow extending over the bay and by then we were quickly taking shots.  So an interesting evening in the end.

The extra show the location and full rainbow.

I have just found out about the 'Alternative Olympic Games 2016', initiated by dbifulco and and so thought I would add this photo to the collection.  Susie Seagull was practising her position at the top of the podium and looking down on Sheila and Sheena Seagull who had attained a close second and third position in the trial sky diving events.  

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