Thank you all for your reassuring and caring comments from my bad news yesterday.  After being disappointed & upset, I have picked myself up and getting on with what has to be done......out of negatives comes positives

We had to have the car in town (wheel alignment) at 9 am.  Raining/bitterly cold - hats, gloves, beanies (practising for Ireland/Scotland) we set of at a rate of knots not seen or done before!!  Getting slightly damp we stuck at it for an hour, then we popped into our favourite cafe for muffin and coffee, we considered we deserved a little treat!!

I ordered Euros to be picked up next week.
Weighed my camera gear, 6.5 kg - too heavy.
Checked my credit card, refund has come through.
Email arrived to confirm cancellation for our friends room has been done.
Tidied up My Blog - changed background design & colours....more calming.

I was ever so pleased to see there wasn't a theme to the Abstract Thursday challenge today - the original is in extras.


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