a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Its my political party ...

... and I'll cry if I want to ~ Matt Forde

We left Glasgow first thing this morning and drove to Falkirk in the lovely morning sunshine, we are staying here and catching the train into Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.  So as one of my extras I have to add a shot of the fabulous feat of engineering that is the Falkirk Wheel.  We've not been to see the Kelpies yet, but we will definitely be stoping by before we journey home.

Our daughter Jess has joined us today for the Edinburgh Festival part of our trip.  We've seen all sorts of things including an outdoor production of Twelfth Night (for which it stayed dry thankfully) and the Gillies and Maxwell exhibition.

The main shot was taken at Matt Forde's gig - which was side splittingly funny. He started off by pointing out that he's had to re-write the blessed script almost daily over the last month.... he didn't actually use the word blessed but I'll not use the word he used (it was a show for adults when all was said and done).  He has had so much material given to him over the last month, he couldn't fail really.  Strangely Cathy and I felt much better about the dreadful politics of the last month for the very cathartic laugh that he gave us.

I left Cathy and Jess nattering in the pub and went to see Michelle Shocked perform her Short Sharp Shocked album from 1985 in full, in a very intimate setting.  There were only about 20 of us,  and we got to sit up on stage with Michelle in as intimate and up close and personal a gig as I have ever enjoyed.  She was charismatic and utterly brilliant breathing new life into her East Texas Trilogy songs and Anchored Down in Anchorage.  The only downer was that there was a very strict no photography rule, which I guess was appropriate in that intimate setting.  She is performing for a month, playing each of her first 3 albums in rotation - well worth catching if you are in this part of the world.

Finally, the other 2 extras are of Edinburgh at twilight and give a bit of a flavour of the fringe at night.

I'm typing this at 23:51 (we've just got back) so I've not had time to think about an abstract shot this week I'm afraid.  I've also not had the chance to check other's journals or to thank you for the hearts and stars that yesterday's Glasgow shot has received.  I will try to get back on track shortly!

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