Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17


A giant, highly polished, stainless steel sphere by Swiss artist 'Not Vital' (pronounced 'note veetahl ) at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park today... along with the splendid company of 60plus.  We frequent this park regularly... and are always in awe, though often beflummoxed by the exhibits.
It was a beautiful sky for reflections .... and you can just about see me and 60p in the 'craters'.  The 'Moon' is designed to reflect the environment in which it is placed in the same way Not Vital has absorbed the nuances of culture in the places he visits.  So now you know! :) 

Tea at Jess and Nafe's .... and visitations with Chino... oh it was like a scene from Lassie Comes Home.  Chino comes home Wednesday.. I am looking forward to that.

Waiting now for Amelia, Matty and the 2 bonkers Beagles to arrive.  A & M are off to a wedding up Northumberland way tomorrow... and I am beagle sitting...... oh my days.... wish me luck :)) 

And thank you 60p for another fantabulous blipping day :) xx

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