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By TheAphid

Hummocky Hill Humps - Bavaria week 2

We arrived at our new apartment yesterday, but I didn't take any photos on the way.

This morning we walked into the town to get some walking maps from tourist info. On one of them, there was a short walk quite close by, with waterfalls. We walked over there, after stopping off at a bakery to get something to eat. It didn't take us long to get to the start of the walk, at a cafe surrounded by dark green pines and with a pale milky blue river running past. The walk was quite nice, and as we went along it got steadily sunnier, but we were under trees for almost the entire walk. At one point, we went on a metal bridge over a gorge, with the pale milky blue water running underneath (this water seems to be everywhere here, it's very odd). We could have done a longer walk, going further up the valley, but we hadn't had lunch yet and so we went back to the apartment.

Then, we decided on another walk, further away. At first we tried walking there, but we would have had to walk up a main road, for quite some way, or up a steep gravelly path, which Mum didn't want to do, so we drove there instead. It was a pleasant walk, the sun shone for most of it, with the clouds obscuring it on occasion.

There were lots of big empty grass fields, some of which had "hummocky humps" or Buckelwiesen, but all of the fields had at least one shed, sometimes more. As we began to notice this, we found that there were loads and loads of them, yet relatively few farms - only three. We also saw several Burnet moths, skippers, beetles and goats. The sky in the direction from which the wind was blowing looked rather ominous for the whole walk, but for some reason it never seemed to get any closer. When we got back, we didn't have any tuna for tea, but none of us were particularly hungry anyway.


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