Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Cromer Pier

A great place to sit and eat fish and chips! We went to Felbrigg today. I preferred Blickling from a things to do and friendliness of staff point of view, but we did do a short walk. Kids weren't allowed on the only guided tour so we settled for self guiding round the house, tricky when one child has been given an eye spy trail and isn't interested in looking at anything else once the item in said room has been found, where as the other was annoyed that she did not have said trail and was half huffy but equally curious about all sorts. We have found that both are pretty happy wandering around walled gardens, one because he is more free range in the enclosed but open space, the other because of a curiosity surrounding how things grow and what we could grow in our garden.

After a drive east along the coast for Jim to get his bearings we headed back to Cromer for the kids highlight of any camping trip, fish and chips. A nice last day to our little camping trip.

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