I wanted to keep a record of our beautiful garden flowers, so decided they would be my Blip for today - before we go to church and before I have my shower, so I was out in the drizzle in my pink robe taking these photographs.  The neighbours are now quite used to this “vision in pink” so don’t take any notice - but I have no doubt they might mention it later in the day when we see them!

From the top left, going clockwise, the flowers are geraniums in the pot, with our new Blue Angel clematis behind on the blue fence.  Next is a yellow Coreopsis and then our standing basket with colourful geraniums, fuchsias and pansies.  Underneath them is a vibrant pink phlox, and an equally vibrant orange marigold below that.  Nigella with its delicate blue is followed by an orange and yellow gazania and to finish is a beautiful pansy, grown from seed by Mr. HCB.

After a beautiful day of sunshine yesterday, we were hoping it would be the same today, but I have to admit that the very light rain will have done the garden good and of course, it will save Mr. HCB having to water the plants later.

We tend to live in our conservatory for most of the summer months, and it is lovely to feel we are “in the garden” even though we are not quite outside - perhaps the drizzle will have stopped by the time we get back from church so that we can sit outside and enjoy our lovely garden.

Gardening is about enjoying the smell 
     of things growing in the soil, 
          getting dirty without feeling guilty, 
               and generally taking the time to soak up 
                    a little peace and serenity. 
Lindley Karstens

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