Wall to wall sunshine .......

Sunday 7th August 2016        (backblip)

........ but boy was it windy!

Had a lovely walk round Moor Farm Nature Reserve this afternoon ....... we started off heading through the wood but on reaching the bridge found a notice saying "Caution Wasps Nest under bridge" & could see the wasps flying all around ....... so we decided to retrace our steps & wander round the meadow instead.

So pleased we did ..... there were butterflies everywhere .... so many different species too ....... had fun trying to take photos as everything was waving about but I did manage to get a few shots in focus!

Top left: Small Copper
Top Right: Gatekeeper
Bottom left: Brown Argus ( Not a 'Northern' thanks to gen2 for that)
Bottom right: Small Skipper

Extra: Dragonfly eating its dinner ...... looks like (it was) a fly! I had quite a job getting this as the angle was into the sun.

Sorry to a few of you that I haven't managed to catch up with today ..... have run out of time ...... will catch up tomorrow!

Thanks so much for dropping by :-)

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