Bardenas Reales

When touring in a motorhome it's sometimes the "Stumble Upon" moments  that are so memorable.

And so it was today.  We left last night's campsite travelling through stunning scenery headed in the general direction of the Pyrenees.  Jane spotted a national park called Bardenas Reales which involved a small detour.  

What an amazing place.  After a rather unpromising entrance we were taken into a Spanish version of Monument Valley.  OK - perhaps not on the same scale but mind-blowing nonetheless.  I wish we had been there at sunrise/sunset but we had to make do with mid-day sunlight.  The desert-like landscape was straight out of the American West.  I am sure it has been used for filming westerns and no-one would know.

This spectacular pinnacle was particularly impressive.  Jane has blipped a view from a different angle.

We are now in a lovely campsite on the side of a hill on the edge of the Pyrenees below the Castillo de Loarre.  It's by far the cheapest campsite we have had so far and it even has a swimming pool.  Fantastic!

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