Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

New Forest

G had an appointment just outside Southampton this afternoon for something very important related to her cancer treatment. We looked up the map, and I was thrilled to see how close the New Forest was, so we set off early to have a quick wander round there.

I've seen great shots of New Forest pictures here on blip and was hoping I'd get to see some ponies. We aimed for Lyndhurst - no idea why - I just liked the sound of it. Nice to get there then to find it is very picturesque and popular; we stopped here to eat the picnic lunch G prepared. :)

On our way out of it, heading to Emery Down, we came upon these cows and horses on the side of the road! They are so tame, cars don't seem to phase them at all. I did see a pony or foal; initially lying on it side on the side of the road; by the time we'd done a U-turn it was standing up, right in the middle of it, with no intention of moving as the car approached. I could have touched it's face as we drove past!

We were also on the lookout for an ice cream van but didn't see one anywhere. Got to Gs appointment place on an industrial estate just outside town (Eastleigh) and you will not believe it, but on the furthest road, where hardly any cars went, just where G needed to be for her appointment, was ... AN ICE CREAM van!!! Why, oh why, I have NO IDEA. We quickly pulled up behind them, to discover they had just stopped (??!!) and then we came along! I just can't see how that can be a coincidence.

A very successful and productive appointment for G, we then headed to meet the son (Stelios) of SweetArt's neighbour from her Cyprus days - who went to Uni in Southampton eight years ago, and now works there. Got in touch with him in the morning, and he was free! On our way into town, I spotted IKEA in the distance, so we actually ended up in there to kill some time!

Great meet up with Stelios. He suggested Fantinis at Town Quay. Very well placed Italian restaurant with an incredible hall of fame wall that had pictures of celebrities who had visited. I can't remember ever visiting Southampton before. It looked very smart, and they have zebras dotted around town. Oh, I also got to see two more Surrey cows this morning. 

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