creative lenna

By creativelenna

on the river

Sometimes near the end of the day we go and sit by the water on the dock, talk, share, sip some wine ... I usually have my camera or phone camera and often take photos. Yesterday, I began a 5 day online Double Exposure Love class with Vivienne McMaster. I thought, what better thing to do than try some of the things I learned with the river canal photos I took the other day - voila! I like this very much.

You can see more of our river/street here and I will put the original photos I used for this double exposure in the extras ;0) I've also tagged this entry for OneStreet, which I started participating in in 2012 when we moved here!! We consider this river our street as it is traversed in a boat daily to various places and we only own 1 car because of that! The One Street theme/tag was started by Kendallishere :)

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