By tondrijfhamer

Schiltach and excitement in the supermarket

Today started a bit grey and even some rain (again), but nevertheless we visited the old town of Schiltach this morning. A small but beautiful village, where most of the houses date back to 1660-1700.
We had to do some shopping too, so on our way back to the camping in the afternoon we stopped at an Aldi supermarket. Nothing special about that.
But, when we were almost ready and were about to pay, the fire alarm went off in the store and we smelled smoke too.
Everybody had to leave everything behind and had to go out of the building immediately.
So there we were, emptyhanded on the parkingspace again with firemen, police and ambulances speeding towards us. Sirenes everywhere.
We waited for a while (saw no fire) and watched the firemen doing their thing and then we decided to start all over again at another supermarket nearby.
Shopping again, hmmmm…

When we came outside, everything was quiet again at Aldi. No firemen, police, and ‘ notarzt’ , but the store was still closed.

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