By tondrijfhamer


A citytrip to Freiburg was on the agenda today. By train.
Because we have a guestcard for free travelling by bus and train here in the area, we left the car at the camping and took the train to Freiburg. It took us one hour and a half to get there. The weather was great and the atmosphere in the city was very ‘holiday-ish’.
We strolled through the old-town centre for a few hours, had a great lunch and later on Kaffee mit Kuchen.
We visited the Münster Unserer Lieben Frau (cathedral), one of the largest buildings in Germany; built in 1330.
On todays photo is one of the towers of the old citywall.
One thing I cannot understand is that nowadays in this tower is a McDonalds…
It took me some acrobatics to leave the big M out of my frame.
Back at the camping we took a dive in the pool again and at the moment I’m writing this I can hear the music of the local Steinacher brassband playing at the entrance of the camping. Very German.

I think I’ll have a look though.

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