By tondrijfhamer

Doing nothing day.

Just like last Sunday we had another ‘doing-nothing-day’.
That means the boys are spending the day at the swimmingpool. I did as well for a while, but mostly I finished my book and I worked on my photobook.
Since a few years I have the habit to make a holiday photoalbum while we are on holiday. I have my laptop/Lightroom software with me, so I try to keep the album up to date during this two weeks, so that all I have to do once we are home is double check the photos and layout and upload it to Blurb. Two weeks later we’ll have our souvenir album ready. That way the photos do not dissapear on my harddisk.
Today was the perfect day to work on my photobook. Yesterday in Freiburg I took a lot of photos, so quite some photoprocessing had to be done today.
But all that’s finished no and I am ready for another day of sightseeing. At this moment we still have to decide on what to do tomorrow, but my memorycards are empty and the batteries are full, and waiting for the day to come.
I guess now it’s time for me to start reading in my new book. ‘The disciple’  by Hjorth Rosenfeldt. Or do I prefer another dive in the swimmingpool….. tough holiday decisions.

By the way, it's my son Bas on the photo.

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