By tondrijfhamer

Triberg and trains

After a 45 minutes drive we arrived in Triberg this morning.
This small town is famous for two things:
1)   The biggest cuckoo clock in the world
2)   The highest waterfall of Germany.
My choice was to blip the waterfall.
Quite a challenge again to capture the waterfall the way I had it in my head on forehand.
I took my heavy tripod with me during a steep walk, and once I arrived at the scene I noticed I wasn’t exactly alone. Lots of tourists strolled by on the small path up, all wanting to take pictures of course.
I saw a Japanese family take waterfallselfies on the spot I wanted to be, so I waited for a while and when all the selfies were made they left and I went in and claimed my territory by stretching out my tripod. Game on!
When I finished and turned around a line of waiting people had grown behind me. But I got what I wanted.
In the afternoon we visited a miniature railway of 400m2 in Hausach.
When I was a child I had miniature trains and railway (Märklin) in my room (I guess 3m2) so it brought back some nice memories.
Daan, my youngest son, was very impressed and excited when he saw all the trains and miniature villages and mountains with lots of lights going on and off. When I told him I have a lot of the same stuff in boxes on the attic his jaw dropped.

I guess I have to get them from the dusty archives as soon as we come home…

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