By tondrijfhamer

A rural walk.

The temperature would rise high today said my weatherpro app this morning, so a dive into the pool seemed inevitable. But I felt I had to earn a refreshing dive first.
So as the rest of my family went to the pool, I took my photogear, hikingshoes, 1 liter of water and went off in the other direction.
First I walked alongside the road out of the village. A few days ago I saw from the car lots of storks on a field and I wondered if they’d still be there. They weren’t.
A turn left took me up into the woods on the mountain. Though the shadow was nice, the very steep road wasn’t. But I kept on going and got higher and higher.
Suddenly I stood eye to eye with a big hare. We both didn’t move and watched eachother for a while. Then he/she took off like a rocket.
I walked on and had some spectacular views. The shadowy woods were replaced by sunny meadows with cows (with bells on) and appletrees.
Later on I did see a stork, it flew away as I got to close but then it kept circling above me, suddenly accompanied by an eagle (don’t know its exact name, but it was a big preybird).
Then after 2 hours walking sunny hills up and down I dropped my gear at the tent and dived into the refreshing pool.

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