Gold Medal !!!!!

Well, this is showing off the spoils. Buzz the Bee had added another gold medal to his haul and was flitting from table to table flower to flower at the Tagetes Bar at the AOG2016. Not one to hide his light under a bushel he held the medal tight as he got higher and higher. What was he drinking? It had him all in a fuzz. Hopefully all that nectar won’t go to his head and he will be ready for tomorrow’s event- the annual Follow the Queen to a New Hive Festival.

I received my new macro lens yesterday so out today looking for something to take. I chose the 100mm lens f2.8 and as a first attempt and hand held I am happy with this. I even managed to swap lenses when I saw a seal off the sand spit. I could see his flipper as he floated along but too far off to get a good image.

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