By wellsforzoe

Home Based Care

9th August 2016:

Many years ago we built a small health post in Lusangazi where various groups deliver an array of health services to the community.
One of my favourites in its function in helping people living with HIV/AIDS.
This group meets once a month to collect their ARV drugs (Anti Retroviral) and meet to help each other.
Our farm is only about a Kilometer away.
Looks like they had a meeting today as the women who help out as volunteers are here with Blayer (our horticulture manager) collecting some Chinese Cabbage. I am told that they collected some Sweet Cassava as well.
We also distribute seeds and fruit, fruit tree seedlings to assist with diet. 
The better the diet, the more effective the ARV's
This pic comes from Laston's new phone.
Maybe we will get a few more pictures from the farm now, on Whatsapp!
Free of charge.

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