AOG11 . . . Team Pukeko

Team Pukeko from New Zealand will be feeling the pressure of expectation.  The hopes and dreams of our small island nation are riding on their beautiful feathered backs.  Prior to leaving for Rio the four young sprinters were often seen training in Rotorua's Government Gardens.  They were used to being surrounded by visiting tourists and asked for selfies.  Their coach is hoping this means they will cope with the pressure and remain calm and focused when they take to the track for the women's 4x100m relay.  They have a secret weapon in those slim but strong legs which give them an explosive edge over the other teams.  Their strong red beaks are excellent for holding the baton securely but they are practising smooth baton to beak handoffs.  Here they are seen having a light training run of neck and leg stretching.  Go Team Pukeko Rotorua believes in you.
These dreams we have be they big or bold, are within our reach – reach out – take hold

I couldn't take a picture to save myself yesterday so I didn't post one.  I 'd rather miss a day than post a blip that  doesn't reflect the day. 
Another good day of Olympic art.  Some very good gesture drawings with black crayon on brown paper.  Simple but effective.  The children are getting into the games now.  I watched Mike Dawson this morning.  Background blip on Mike
His final was at the convenient time of 6.00am.  He went through without any penalties but his time was the slowest of the ten competitors.  He did reflect the Olympic spirit and gave it his best and was thrilled to be in an Olympic final with a high calibre field.  

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