No guessing the way things are progressing in the Chicken Laying heats which have been going all week amongst all the breeds.

Having seen the results flash onto the score board I scrambled  to get an interview with Vanda Vorwerk, the captain of the Brown Layers. Very down in the mouth about the abysmal score today and uncharacteristically dismal about the Semis tomorrow she really just couldn’t understand the poor showing of her team. However, grabbing the mic quickly her coach was definitely more upbeat, easy-over the whole day and very confident that the Brown Layers wouldn’t crack under the stress!! Hopefully it will be sunny side up for Vanda tomorrow and today was just a flash in the pan!

Signing out  after another action packed day  - your intrepid reporter for the AOG.  

I would add that I'm not sure why my pin sharp shot has come out not quite sharp enough for me. This happened yesterday too which is odd.

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