I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Practice, Practice, Practice

I went to the Heron Hangout this morning to see if they were still training. There was rustling in the bushes, but no herons were showing their feathers.

Two cormorants were there and practicing their podium stance and then they decided to do a little low glide, touch and go for the big finale on their water routine gymnastics. They were looking great and used the reflection to check their technique.

Team Hummer was also in a new place practicing their "Natural Nectar Nab" techniques. They had no idea that this reporter had found their secret practice facility (first extra)

Team Mocking Bird's captain has had enough of the performance enhancing that has been rampant at Canyon Gate Stadium and felt that he needed to bring the protest out in the open. (second extra) Hopefully, there will be some changes made.

I am grateful to my feathered friends for entertaining me daily.

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