Postcard View

We decided to visit Staithes this afternoon as we knew the gallery would be open (we bought a cushion made by a printmaker who is the technician at the Arthouse in Wakefield).  I've been wanting to change one of the cushions for a while now.  This was definitely the best part of the afternoon so I thought I'd celebrate with a picture postcard view.  I've been trying multi-exposures with the Olympus camera, which on one level has been more satisfying - at least I could see what I was trying to do.  On the other hand it's actually been rather more frustrating and although I've ended up with a couple of images that are interesting most were far too busy.

Managed a couple of sketches sitting in the adjacent field this morning, while Ann got herself sorted  (and then did her emails/ Facebook etc).  She didn't seem in any rush to find me.

I'm going to cook us bacon and eggs now.

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