By IainCloke

Upper DonTrail

Feeling a bit restless I went for what turned out to be a very nice walk this afternoon.
I ended up walking along Sheffield's riverside to Kelham Island where amongst the regenerated urban landscape is this Bessemer Converter an early source of Sheffield innovation and wealth creation. The river looks great too and although I didn't spot any of the otters that have been seen recently (yes really!) I did run into some other local wildlife by the river who shared a drink and a pleasant chat.
Earlier when I set out I dropped in at my local barber's on Spital Hill. I invariably receive a great welcome from the proprietor who regularly announces to a row of bemused men from all points around the world that I have been getting my haircut here for 30 years now and everyone looks suitably impressed. I was one of his first customers when he took over a couple of years ago, but it is a bit embarrassing that he always puts me at the front of the queue and today he didn't have enough change so he knocked off a couple of quid. Nice though and Mohammed always assures me he is praying for me.
So, doubly blessed by friends and strangers from nearby and afar. I love Sheffield.

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