I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Busy Sunday at Canyon Gate Stadium

It was a busy morning at the Canyon Gate Stadium. 

Some people paid extra to get an aerial view of the days events. (If you look real close, you can see one of Team Hummer practicing the dives.) It was a beautiful clear day for the finals of the cormorant events.

There was a stampede to exit the waters when the catfish heard the cormorants were entering the stadium. This reporter has never witnessed such urgency from the fish. They seemed to have gotten themselves to safety before the events started.

Meanwhile, some of the members of Team Dragonfly were sitting on the fence wondering if they were going to even participate this year. There always seems to be so much drama going on!

The final cormorant event began with the captain singing the species anthem. He was full throated, while the others stood proudly at attention. All the practice brought this team a gold. I am sure they will remain in the area to recreate their brilliant performances.

I am grateful for another day of capturing the amazing creatures that live around me.

(Best looked at large)

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