Blood on my Hands

I was a bit upset mowing the lawn this morning when I found I had chopped up a Slow Worm. They're such lovely creatures, we don't see them very often but they're good to have in the garden and I hate that I've harmed one.

I've been working hard this week on a rock'n'roll set forn the mostly annual Ramsgate Rock party which is this weekend. I blipped it two years ago and I'm looking forward to it but I thought I had a bit more time.

It's a great week for sunsets, it seems to be at an ideal time at the moment. I went out to Little Haldon (and I drove past a new field full of bales - thought I couldn't do another one this week). The sun was very strong without much cloud to mask it so I tried to get it hidden behind some bushes. There are a couple more here if you're interested.

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