Moth On Flower ...

A day along the river Merwede walking and exploring a new landscape in Brabant, called Groesplaat. In the promotion of this new area we found information as follows: "Loud crying godwits, curlews foraging, fishing cormorants and they all can be seen seen from one bird hide."

We had a splendid walk there, climbed the stairs of the bird hide. The aforementioned birds in the promotion, we did not see. We did see a few seagull, a heron flying up and two raptors unreachable (for the camera) high in the sky.

But we found flowers, trees and details in the landscape and views with ships on the river Merwede. There were a lot of yellow flowers visited by all kind of insects there I found this little moth (so sorry can't find the proper name for it) on these small yellow flowers, waving in the wind. It's my contribution to tiny Tuesday #64.

Thank you for visiting my journal, your kind comments, supporting stars and heart on yesterday's mono Monday "Roar Of The Lion ... ". All very appreciated!

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